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The process of globalization has re-structured the rules of the contemporary economic system. The principles of bi-lateral and multilateral trade and investment have now changed in such a way that economic growth for example requires more than just financial exchange; It is now re-quire diplomacy, cooperation, and cultural understanding in order to be successful. The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy has therefore established the program "Economic Bridges" to promote stronger economic relations between nation states, and to examine the complex relationship between economics, politics and culture at the global level.


The Berlin Economic Forum Project 2014-24 is a 10 year global project organized by the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy in partnership with global governance organizations, national governments, leading academic institutions and multinational corporations. The project is built on the experience that the Academy has gained with the previous project: the Berlin International Economics Project 2010-14 www.biec.de.

The Berlin Economic Forum Project 2014-24 aims to promote a global dialogue and understanding of the field of international economics and its relations with related disciplines such as politics & diplomacy, humanities, the arts and beyond. In particular, the project will raise awareness and focus on issues such as sustainable development, environmental responsibility, economic inequalities, fair-trade, corporate social responsibility, and socially responsible investments.

The following Event will take place during 2016:
bef 2016
The Berlin Economic Forum 2016 event will take place in Berlin for four days and will be held parallel to the International Tourism Trade Fair (ITB). The Forum aims to analyze and discuss global trends of nation branding with a particular focus on creative economies, sustainable tourism and responsible foreign investments and will demonstrate how these can be used as primary drivers for sustainable economic growth. The forum will also emphasize the use of cultural diplomacy practices in these fields and the importance of this for the success of the Nation Branding activities. (More »)
The Following Event took place during 2015:
In order to involve the highest number of participants in the normalization process concerning Cuban-North American relations, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) hosted a conference to reflect and discuss this theme on October, 20th, 2015 in AC Cuzco Hotel in Madrid.(More »)

The Symposium included Keynote Addresses from the Honorable:

Hon. Benita Ferrero
President of the Foundation, European Union Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC)
President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
Former Prime Minister of Spain
Hon. Miguel Ángel Moratinos
Former Foreign Secretary of Spain

The use of Cultural diplomacy policies are critical in ensuring a nation state has a positive image and a strong political and economic relations. The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy has therefore established the program „Nation Branding in a Globalized World„ to explore the concept of nation branding and…

Corporate Cultural Diplomacy (CCD) activities are privately funded programs that encourage the exchange of cultural practices and values; ultimately promoting inter-cultural dialogue and respect. Corporate Cultural Diplomacy activities cover a wide spectrum of diverse fields and stakeholders.


The European Private Sector Ranking is a five-year project conducted by the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy, which is the academic arm of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. The research aims to evaluate the involvement and engagement of European private sector corporations in the field of cultural diplomacy over the course of the last five years.

The purpose of the ranking is to raise awareness of the engagement of corporations in the field of cultural diplomacy and by doing so to inspire further engagement of the private sector corporations in the field.